SportsGrid and WynnBET Announce In-Game Live Program Sponsorship

SportsGrid and WynnBET announced a strategic program sponsorship representing an exciting build-out of the In-Game Live All Access Saturday edition. 

WynnBET’s content sponsorship will cover major sports betting, including MLB, NBA, NHL, college events, and more. The program will lever expertise provided by the WynnBET trading team. This program will provide the In-Game Live All Access audience access to WynnBET contributors’ analysis of upcoming games, odds, and moneylines. On-site coverage from the trading room will feature special events such as the World Series, FIFA World Cup, and primetime college football games, as well as consumer promotions.

Fans are provided with diversified perspectives and unique insights by integrating WynnBET’s contributors with SportsGrid’s core In-Game All Access approach.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome WynnBET as a sponsor to the network’s live weekend coverage of games and special events,” said Jordan Bayroff, VP of Business Development & Marketing at SportsGrid. “WynnBET’s traders have demonstrated a record of providing insightful perspective and reporting across WynnBET’s platforms. The opportunity to integrate the WynnBET trading team of experts as contributors during the In-Game Live All Access weekend coverage enhances the viewer experience, providing informative, insightful, and real-time perspective.”

The WynnBET In-Game Live All Access sponsorship will be on the SportsGrid Network, supported by a social media campaign across SportsGrid’s and WynnBET’s social media platforms.