Top 10 Boston Celtics Draft Picks of All Time

The NBA Draft is one day away so let’s take a look at the Top 10 draft picks for the Boston Celtics. A legendary franchise with legendary players here’s a look into some of the best draft picks in Celtics history.

1. Bill Russell, No. 2 overall, 1956 NBA Draft (trade with the St. Louis Hawks)

Championships are hard to argue with and to say Bill Russell has multiple would be an understatement. The second overall pick in the 1956 NBA Draft, Russell was a 12-time All-Star, with 11 championships as a player, and five Most Valuable Player Awards, which is why he is widely known as one of if not the greatest Boston Celtic of all time. Accounting for 11 of Boston’s 17 banners, Russell lands at number one.

2. Larry Bird, No. 6 overall, 1978 NBA Draft

Larry Bird is not only a Boston Celtics legend but an All-Time great. Bird is a 3-time MVP and a 3-time NBA Champion. With 12 All-Star selections under his belt and 10 All-NBA selections, it’s safe to say Larry Legend is a close number two behind Bill Russell.

3. John Havlicek, No. 9 overall, 1962 NBA Draft

John Havlicek is an eight-time NBA champion with an NBA Finals MVP. Hondo was a 13-time All-Star with 11 All-NBA selections, which is why he joins the legendary names in the top three.

4. Kevin McHale, No. 3 overall, 1980 NBA Draft

Kevin McHale will forever be known as one of the best power forwards of all time. He won three championships with the Boston Celtics and was a seven-time All-Star. McHale influenced a movement at the power forward position and arguably changed the game forever.

5. Sam Jones, No. 8 overall, 1957 NBA Draft

With the second most rings in Boston Celtics history, Sam Jones is a 10-time NBA Champion and arguably one of the best scorers in Celtics history. Jones didn’t get the nickname “Mr.Clutch” for nothing.

6. Tommy Heinsohn, No. 6 overall, 1956 NBA Draft

Tommy Heinsohn quickly made a name for himself in a Celtics uniform winning the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1957. With the help of many legends, Tommy ended his career as an eight-time champion and a six0time All-Star.

7. K.C. Jones, No. 14 overall, 1956 NBA Draft

K.C. Jones is one of the best defensive players to ever wear a Boston Celtics uniform. Jones made a career for himself with his tough-nosed defense and leadership. A precurser to the current-day Marcus Smart, Jones lands at number seven.

8. Tom Sanders, No. 8 overall, 1960 NBA Draft

Tom Sanders played in one of the most competitive eras of all time. While he spent the majority of his career as a role player, during Championship runs Sanders stepped his game up to another level and earned his way on the list for me. Tom “Satch” Sanders, a Celtics legend.

9. Paul Pierce, No. 10 overall, 1998 NBA Draft

Paul Pierce is the only player on the list who played in this “modern era” of the game. Pierce earned the nickname “The Truth” from Shaquille O’Neal after Pierce lit the Lakers up for 42 points in a 112-107 victory in 2001. Pierce retired as an NBA Champion, A Finals MVP, and a 10-time All-Star.

10. Frank Ramsey, No. 6 overall, 1953 NBA Draft

Frank Ramsey will be known as a bench legend forever. Ramsey was known to give the Celtics a lift when he came off of the bench onto the court. Ramsey retired a seven-time NBA Champion and fills out the list at number 10.