Buy Or Sell: Cleveland Browns To Win The AFC North

The Cleveland Browns have made serious moves to put themselves in a position to compete within the AFC North. Still, a looming suspension and plenty of newly acquired players leave question marks on if they can put it all together. To prepare for the upcoming season, we discuss Cleveland’s most significant offseason moves and their odds to win the AFC North on BetMGM.

Cleveland Browns (2021 Record: 8-9)

Biggest Addition: Deshaun Watson

Watson still sits amidst plenty of controversies while he battles numerous accusations of sexual assault from former masseuses, and it’s looking more likely by the day that the 26-year-old is going to see a suspension to open the season. Regardless, Watson remains a top 10 talent at his position in the league and will make the Browns palpable contenders out of the AFC whenever he gets on the field.

Biggest Loss: Jarvis Landry

Landry is off to New Orleans, and after missing just six games in four seasons with the Browns, he becomes tough to replace in the passing game. Cleveland will undoubtedly need some depth options at wide receiver to step into more prominent roles in 2022 if they want to fill this void.

X-Factor: Amari Cooper

The loss of Landry has been mitigated by a blockbuster deal for former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper, who will need to perform at a high level regardless of who is under center. Cooper can be the key to this team’s aerial success, but he’ll need to improve upon the stark contrast in his home/road splits. Cooper goes from 75.5 receiving yards per game and 29 touchdowns in his career at home to a mere 55.9 receiving yards per contest and 17 touchdowns on the road.

AFC North Futures Market

Line Movement: +320 -> +200
Amount of tickets: 8.9%

Team Outlook

The Browns may have the largest gap between floor and ceiling in 2022 based on their roster overhaul and the uncertainty surrounding the availability of Watson. If he is back in October, things may be alright, and they can mesh together in time for a playoff push. If the Pro Bowl signal-caller is dealt a season-long suspension, Cleveland will be hard-pressed to find a quarterback that can lead them to the postseason, especially if Baker Mayfield ends up on another roster this offseason.

This price is just far too short on the Browns. You cannot bet on this number until you find out the status of Deshaun Watson, something that could be the difference in such a tightly contested division. This is a stay-away until the league hands out a suspension or decision.

Buy or Sell?

Hold on the Browns at this short price to contend for the AFC North in 2022.