How Does Josh Allen’s Contact Compare to Other QBs?

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills currently have the best odds to win the Super Bowl in 2022, but how does their quarterback’s contract stack up to those around the league?

Just over one year ago, Allen signed a lucrative extension with the Buffalo Bills, which will kick in after the 2022-23 season. The six-year contract will pay Allen $258 million, which includes $150 million guaranteed and an average salary of slightly more than $43 million per season. 

It’s no secret how integral the quarterback position is in the NFL, and the Bills were able to lock theirs up at a relatively reasonable price in terms of market value. The deal should help keep the Bills in contender status over that time. 

Allen is still on his rookie contract after being drafted by Buffalo seventh overall out of Wyoming in the 2018 NFL draft. The contract pays him just short of $21.5 million over four years, which equates to just under $5.5 million per season. 

When his new deal kicks in, Allen will be making the fifth highest amount per season for quarterbacks, behind Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray, Deshaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes. Knowing that, it’s safe to say that the Bills and their management team are thrilled with the number they got Allen at, which should see him continue competing for Lombardi trophies and MVP awards over that stretch.