How Much do NFL Coaches Make?

With so many players on NFL rosters, there are naturally a lot of coaches too. Knowing that, what kind of salary do NFL coaches make?

This question will have various answers, especially knowing the different levels of coaches in the NFL. Starting from the top down, there are head coaches, assistant coaches, offensive coaches, and defensive coaches. The list goes on and on, along with the pay structure each of these positions receives. 

In addition, individual teams also have different budgets and pay structures, meaning coaches in Pittsburgh might have a different salary than a coach in Washington. 

What is an NFL Coaches Salary?

Earlier this offseason, reports surfaced that Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay signed a contract extension. When that deal kicks in, he’ll be making upwards of $15 million per season, helping him surpass New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick as the highest-paid coach in the game. These two coaches are outliers, but if you head down the list of current head coaches that have their salaries known by the public, you’ll find the range varies from upwards of three million annually.

Regarding coordinators and assistant coaches, there’s a lot of variance in which team they coach for and their overall experience in the league. The average coordinator typically makes $1 million per season, but you can see outliers with more experience and success at the NFL level.