Who is the Youngest NFL Player in 2022?

The NFL is filled with grizzled veterans like Tom Brady, who’s still chugging along at 45. However, who currently owns the title of the NFL’s youngest player?

Last year, Miami Dolphins fullback Noah Igbinoghene was the youngest player, but as another draft class enters the league, that title now has a new home in 2022. 

Who is the Youngest Player in the NFL?

The newly crowned youngest player in the NFL goes to Los Angeles Chargers running back Isaiah Spiller, who was drafted out of Texas A&M. Throughout his career at College Station, Spiller tallied just shy of 3,000 yards and 25 touchdowns. The Chargers selected Spiller in the fourth round of the draft, and it’s looking like he’ll have a difficult time finding a path to touches in his first NFL season, sitting behind polished running backs Austin Ekeler, Sony Michel, and Joshua Kelly. 

Spiller was born on August 9, 2001, and is currently 21 years old in his rookie campaign.